Thanks for joining me (and Layla)!

I was encouraged by some of my followers on Instagram to start a blog and post my reviews of all the books I read. I post the books on my story, but never give feedback on them, so here is my place to do so. Some books I love, others I loathe, some are mindless reads, and others make me think too much. This blog will be a place for all of those types of books to be mentioned. I read mainstream releases, bits of non fiction, novels nobody has heard of that should have more recognition. My blog will not consist of strictly mainstream books. If it did then I wouldn’t be able to consider myself a true reader. Bear with me as I venture into the world of blogging, and please give me feedback on improvements to be made! And always, if you have a book suggestion, leave it in the comments and if it sounds like something I would like, I will add it to my TBR!

“If you only read what everyone else reads, then you only know what everyone else knows” -Haruki Murakami.

Thank you for following my blog, and I hope you enjoy my thoughts!

“I have lived a thousand loves, I’ve loved a thousand loves. I’ve walked in distant worlds and seen the end of time, because I read.”

George R. R. Martin